Thank you for visiting my blog!

My name is Gia. Here is a single line of my introduction: I’m a Korean Chinese living in New York & previously lived in Japan.

By Korean Chinese, I mean Korean minority in China. My parents were the third generation of Korean immigrants in China.

This blog is about Korean, Chinese and Japanese recipes which I’m familiar with, as well as my experiments with food styling and photography which have been my long time passion.

In the north east part of China where the country borders North Korea and Russia, there is a small Korean community. It is an interesting place where you can see cultural exchanges happening in the real life. When it comes to food, my early childhood memories contain the smell of Korean stew my grandmother would make, the taste of my mom’s homemade Kimchi, and my dad’s Chinese cooking experiments which would happen once in a while when he learned some new techniques from his Chinese co-workers.

Japan is a country where I studied and worked for more than 6 years before coming to New York. It’s a country obsessed with beautiful details and craftsmanship. The sophisticated presentation and carefully layered flavors make Japanese cuisine one of my favorites.

I started learning how to cook rice during my college years, which is pretty late considering rice is the first step to Asian cuisine. However, once it started, I immediately became obsessed with cooking. I love visiting supermarkets and buying cookbooks when I travel to a new city; I enjoy experimenting with new recipes or replicating a dish I had in a restaurant; and just like my mother who once dreamed to be a painter, the visual is important to me as well.

This blog is my way of sharing my passion and interest with foodies like you and getting connected with all the food lovers out there.


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